Review for Those Who Value Their Time and Money

If there is one thing that every student agrees upon, it is that there are way too many custom writing companies that can disappoint you.  That’s why we’ve taken it upon us to help you avoid scam and invest your money into the best providers. We have taken a closer look at, one of the newly emerged players on the market that is gaining some momentum nonetheless. We’ve tried to cover all the key aspects in this review – we hope it helps!

Papers and writers

It is a company that provides custom writing help online. They have a base of freelance writers who take orders, work on them with or without the involvement of customers, and then send them to clients when everything is ready for submission. It should be mentioned that thanks to a significant number of writers working for this company (they claim it is over a thousand), they can deliver papers very fast. It is hardly a probable scenario when a customer comes to order a paper and they don’t have any writers available.

They’re doing the same good job with the range of papers offered to clients. Whatever you need, you will find it. It is not an exaggeration! There are not so many papers that students write on a regular basis, and so it is not that big to cover them all. Still, it is good to know that whatever a customer wants, they will provide. Besides, the subject range includes over 50 different fields.

Support and writer-client communication

It is common for modern writing companies to provide different ways of communication – a phone and a live chat. This company does both means and, what is more important, they work efficiently. It is true enough that we had to wait a little until they picked up their phone, but eventually, we were able to contact an operator and get some answers.

As for the communication between clients and writers, they provide a special message board to do it. After you’ve placed an order, you can log in and contact your writer. Such communication is even encouraged, as the more the client and the writer communicate, the better the result will be.

Prices and discounts

Alas, if you are looking to spend a couple of bucks on a paper, this service is not your choice. Even though their prices are not through the roof, they charge enough to compensate the efforts of the highly-qualified writers. We understand that high-quality writing costs a lot, but we still wanted to give you heads up about their prices. However, if you manage to catch a discount, you will pay much less. In fact, that’s what savvy customers do – they wait for seasonal promotions and use them to get all their papers done at a reduced price. Sounds attractive, doesn’t it? – our conclusion

All in all, might make a mediocre impression at first glance (their website could’ve been much more elegant and stylish), but, as with little Chinese restaurants with chipped dishes, it is the inside that matters. They do produce high-quality papers (we have checked the quality by ordering a few and were more than just satisfied) and don’t violate deadlines, as far as we can tell. The lack of balance between a rather simple-looking website and the high quality of work is explained by the fact that the bigger part of their income is used to pay well-qualified writers. In the whole, this is the right choice for those who value their time, money and wants high-quality solution at the same time.